I offer a Collaboration project for a few select fitness professionals. A collaboration project as a single product or training platform that both FWUEL and the personal trainer work together to create, manage, and grow. Below I have listed the terms of the collaboration. I have created my collaboration option to give personal trainers a complete on-demand training business without the expense and learning curve, and expenses of building and managing a business on your own. This option provides the trainer with the PRO Package valued at $10,000.00 for the build-out cost $2,500.00.


This project is a profit-sharing collaboration. Profit-sharing is defined as the profit from any purchase made through the training platform. Every website requires software, hosting, security, and plugins to maintain operations. These expenses are approximately $49.99 per month and are subtracted from the gross revenue generated by the site.

If the site does not generate enough revenue to cover operating expenses, FWUEL will pay to keep the site running. As the site generates revenue, FWUEL will be reimbursed all back operating costs prior to any profit share split. A monthly invoice of expenses is generated and sent to both of us each month for recorded keeping.


Both of us pay for an out-of-pocket expense of the project. Expenses are defined as marketing, studio time, travel, and additional fitness equipment needed to produce new programming. All expenses are discussed and agreed on prior to booking or purchasing.


The trainer receives 70% of profit (Net) revenue generated by the platform. FWUEL receives 30% of profit (Net) of revenue generated by the platform. Payments happen in real-time from the platform. When a new member signs up and makes a payment, the revenue is split automatically and the respective percentages is sent to each of our individual PayPal accounts. The trainer must have an active PayPal account to participate in the collaboration option. We offer new members a 7-day trial to minimize refund requests. Because we offer digital downloads, we do not offer refunds once someone has made a purchase. If we do offer a refund, each of us will be responsible for our respective percentages.


4.0 FWUEL owns the platform and all the content it creates.

4.1 The trainer owns the site’s members and any programming that they create.

For example, if FWUEL creates an e-book and the trainer contributes by writing program design for a workout, the trainer owns the workout, not the e-book.The trainer makes 70% of the sale of the e-book but FWUEL retains ownership.

This means that the trainer can not resell any image, video, workout, e-book, or access to the platform, or any other content produced by FWUEL independently of the website. Images and videos crated by FWUEL and given to the trainer for marketing can only be used for its intended purpose of marketing the trainer and the FWUEL training platform.


We will both will agree on the direction of the content and marketing of the platform. In some cases, we may build-out a totally new brand and social media channels to create a totally new brand. The FWUEL platform can run independently of any other brand, APP, or website that you use. However, you cannot use any content that I create to promote another platform.


The $2,500.00 is your buy-in to the collaboration. This is non-refundable and gives you lifetime access to the FWUEL community and 70% of profits generated by the collaboration project.


7.0 The trainer is to be available for a minimum of 2 shoots per month. These will be booked according to the trainers’ schedule.

7.1 The trainer is responsible for all non-technical customer service with the membership. E-mails, messages, and comments need to be addressed professionally and in a timely manner.

7.2 The trainer is responsible to post the social media marketing content provided by FWUEL


8.0 FWUEL is responsible for keeping the platform and videos live, secure, and up to date.

8.1 Answer any technical issues in a timely and professional manner

8.2 Progress the technical aspect of the platform to keep up the standard web standards.

8.3 Shoot and provide new workouts, content, marketing content, and products.


9.1 If at some point the trainer fails to perform their responsibilities, wishes to terminate the project, or is no longer available to participate in the project, the project will be considered terminated. Terminating the project does not constitute a refund to the trainer. The members of the website will still have access to the workouts they have purchased and the site will stay active until it is no longer covering the cost of operations.

9.2 If the trainer fails to make their payments for more then 3 months, the project will be considered abandoned and the platform will be removed from FWUEL servers. The trainer will still be responsible for the amount due on the project. FWUEL retains the right to collect the outstanding balance.

9.3 FWUEL will not build out any new workouts, market the site, or promote new membership. However, 100% of the revenue generated by the sites will go to FWUEL until it is no longer covering its cost. Once the site is no longer covering its operations, the site will be removed from FWUEL servers and all content deleted. The trainer can not use any content produced by FWUEL even if they terminate. Doing so is a copyright violation and carries serious consequences.